Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Two items - goals I suppose you could call them - have been completed.

Yesterday morning-the man I live with (and love very much) decided it was time to remove everything from the attic. We are both reaching the age and agility (really lack of it) where we do not need to be climbing around up there.

Everything came out of the attic and was sorted into many piles. Of course, many things were thrown away. Some were put in my shed (holiday decorations and quilting scraps storage). Some things went to the large storage building where we store lawn mower, lawn tools and lots of other STUFF. There are some things still in the garage now - waiting for #1 son to pick up what he wants - and some things we just have not fully decided their new home just yet.

Other goal reached was making a scrapbook of the pictures, newspaper clippings, etc of the Centennial parade I particiapted in last October. I did not do lots of fancy cutting, punches, or special papers in making it. It has some "scrapbook" type features but I did not go overboard. I wanted to highlight the parade and what all we did regarding it...not my talent (haha) in producing a page like "Creative Memories" would suggest.

Hopefully, I can get started on the makings of another quilt in the very near future. Of course, I am still hand quilting on one. At this point, I am perhaps half-way through it. It is not one of my best...seems like the points went "south" more times than I wanted. Plus my hand stitching looks large enough you could drive a semi truck through it. Well, not really, but I have done better. I know the main problem is that with so many seams to cross (every 1 1/2 inches) it throws my quilting off. Oh well, there is always next time...a new quilt, a new challenge...a new time to perfect my skills.


Norma said...

Sounds like a major job but aren't you glad that you did it? The scrapbook sounds like fun, be sure and show us some pictures!

Hazel said...

Sounds like you really went to town on that attic .I understand what you mean about trying to hand quilt over the seams but I find once finished I really appreciate the ones I have hand quilted ( not that there that great )but because I have put so much time in them . I would take hand quilted over machine quilted any day .Can't wait to see pics.