Saturday, November 17, 2007

Colors of Fall

Several days ago I followed Leon to the back woods (Jay's place) to get sand for the raised strawberry bed. Jay had told Leon he could get sand ( 8 to 10 inches deep) in a certain area back there. Leon went on the tractor pulling the trailer...I followed on my golf cart.

I wanted to see how the trees were turning back in this heavily wooded part. I was somewhat disappointed. Most of them were just brown or had fallen off. We did not have a pretty "turning colors" time this year! Pretty colors on this one.
Not bad.
Certainly a contrast in colors.

Mostly brown - with the exception of the cedar tree.

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AmusedMomma said...

Loved the pictures of the fall foilage! How pretty.

Glad for this medium where we can share all of this with each other.