Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cake of the Day

This past Thursday - November 15th-was designated as "National Bundt Cake" day. Have you ever wondered who makes the decision to set aside a day to pay homage to different things? Well, I have.

Making the cake on Thursday was not convenient (plus I did not know about it then) so Friday was the day. With the holiday season right here on our door step I wanted something to blend in with the other flavors that spin around in my head as being seasonal. Ah, pumpkin was the one. I went thru my pumpkin cake recipes looking for one that would work. I found this one and knew it was good as there were batter splashes from previous baking times on the recipe card.

The recipe called for a yellow cake mix (which I had) but I decided to use an orange cake mix instead. The recipe called for the usual pumpkin pie spices, eggs, sugar, and one can of pumpkin. I really like recipes that use the whole can of pumpkin...who likes to have a partial can of anything left over. In stead of using regular sugar - I used the make believe kind-I knew my dear husband would want to eat it. Of course, there is some sugar in the cake mix - so it is not completely sugar free.

I looked in the deep freeze for some cool whip to go over it..but came up empty handed. In the past I have served this warm with cool whip. Certainly reminds you of eating pumpkin pie-but with a cake texture.

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