Saturday, November 17, 2007

Moving in with Max

Well, I did move in with Max...but only for a few days. Holly and Tony were having to put in long days with the preparation of the Centennial show - so daycare was out. Time to call in the grandmothers to the rescue. Holly was off work Monday-I selected Tuesday and Wednesday for my days. Grandma Vicki got the Thursday-Friday slots.

Because I do not drive in the dark I drove up Monday afternoon. This was great as I got to spend some time with, talking and just enjoying each other's company. I left Thursday morning and headed to the beauty shop before coming home.

Max and I had such fun together. These pictures only show some of the things we did.

Playing in the sandbox.
Picking leaves.
Building a tent- using several blankets/quilts and his small table.
Trying the hard task of learning to tie a shoe lace.

Side Note: Wanda Kay came up and spent Tuesday night too. That way Mr. Max got the attention of two "old ladies" who love him dearly.


Kristie said...

He is such a cutie! I'm sure you had a blast with the little guy. Grandmas are the best. I know my mom spoils my boys too death.

Emig Family said...

Tying shoes is hard. I'm glad you helped him with it. I had a hateful teacher making me do it. And I was only three!