Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leon's Latest

Back in an August post I said the flower bed by the peach tree would be changed. The changes have been going on for several weeks now. The north half of the bed was getting too many sprigs of bermuda grass in it. It seemed like I was constantly pulling grass out..I want to enjoy my flowers but also do not want to do too much work. Leon took the big tractor and cleaned out the bed...redid the block edging all around it...pushed the soil up around them to hold them in place...that is why the grass is rather sparse on the outside.

Today he went to Atwoods and purchased two fence panels to build the arches for my vining plants next year. The two plants will probably criss cross with each other-but that is okay. I plan on having Hyacinth vine on one side and cypress vine on the other side.
A couple of weeks ago Leon said the trash cans were going outside. He did not like the odor they caused in the garage. During the summer months he did not notice it very much as the big garage door was open. Now with the onset of cold weather the big door is closed.
He put the two big trash carts out on the small porch on the north side of the house. This is a very open area - very visible from the road- he did not like the looks at all. After a couple of trips for supplies - this is what he made. Our trash cans have their own latticed area.
Another project he just finished was building a 2 foot X 8 foot table in the well house for my plants that have to be brought in during the winter months. I have been putting them in the garage - the number has grown -but the area allowed for them has not.. It gets colder in the well house than the garage so I will have to watch them closer during the cold, cold weather period.
I am very lucky to have such a wonderful and caring husband!


Kristie said...

That will be a beautiful flower bed. I love sitting out looking at mine while everything is in full bloom. I find it very relaxing. Don't you just love having a HANDY hubby. Richard is like that too.

tuesday said...

That Leon sure is a handy guy to have around. He did a great job, and I can't wait to see your vines climbing that arched fencing thing.