Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I have so many things for which I am thankful. God continues to send blessings my way each and every day.

At this time I give him thanks that we are not living in southern California and experiencing those fires. Not being able to do anything and know your home is burning would be hard to accept. I want to lift these individuals up in prayer and that God will give them the strength they require at this time. Also, if they do not know him as their personal savior they will seek him.

My home is so important. It is a constant reminder of things I enjoy...my garden, flowers, pond and the rest of the scenery. It seems we are continuing to change things around. We recently built a large raised bed for the strawberries. The size is about 30 inches across and 25 feet long. It is about 30 inches off the ground. Having it this way means I won't have to be on my hands and knees to pick the berries. Next thing is - we will have to get sand to fill it before we can transplant the existing strawberry plants next spring.

This "grass" plant is so pretty by the old wagon. It was planted last June (2006). It did not head out with these billowy tops last year. I suppose the plant has to be so old before it happens. With the wind we have had the last several days they have been a sight to behold. They seem to be like graceful ballerinas leaping across the yard.
The "four o'clocks" are still blooming. Of course, not as much as they were. Wih the calendar being so far into October the flowers are starting to cease their constant display of color.

This is just a random shot taken from the back yard. If you look real close, you can see the okra in the garden. It is still producing - and will until frost.

The garden mums are coming along fair. I should have watered them more - just got lazy, I suppose.

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bakinbabe said...

You know, I am glad that you post pictures of your yard...that way I don't have to crane my neck and risk an accident when passing by your house on my way to Mom and Dad's!
By the way....Dad has pneumonia and is at Deaconess.
And I answered you on my blog. ;)