Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Sights We Saw"

This past Wednesday when Leon went to the doctor for his usual quarterly "inspection" he was advised (again) to lose some weight. He is not alone in this area as I need to lose also. Since I have quit smoking (5-21-07) the hands on the scale just seem to be moving more and more to the "right". Not right as being a good weight - but right as getting heavier. I have gained 10 lbs and absolutely do not want to gain anymore than that. I am well rounded anyway - so I don't need to add any more.

I love to cook - and we both love to eat. So we have a problem. We have a tendency to consume more calories than we burn!

We decided we would just have to get more exercise...and walking seems to be the most enjoyable and least expensive. Yes, we have this wonderful street right in front of the house-but the cars race up and down it. It is just not safe for walking at all.

So we are walking out in the woods and around the ponds. At this time of the year (and day) the weather is just right.

We know there are deer as we have seen them in the past. We saw tracks Thursday and again today we saw fresh ones. Also saw tracks of other wildlife.

The picture above was taken looking east. When the wind is blowing this prairie grass looks so pretty swaying to and fro.

This pond is well hidden in the woods.

Same pond.

Pond in back of our house-looking north west.

That is our house way at the back of this shot. This is looking directly west. There are three fishing docks placed around the pond.

This is really just a large pool of water. There may be fish in it...but the trees and brush make it almost impossible to get to. This picture does not really show one would have to go down approximately 20 to 30 foot from the path to get to it. Down is the direction!

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tuesday said...

You have such a pretty area to walk around, and it's good that you partner up with your husband to keep both of you motivated.

I need to start walking more regularly myself and for much longer distances than I usually cover with Murray. The doctor would sure like it if I lost some weight in the process too :)