Saturday, October 06, 2007

"It's Over!"

Fast pitch softball is over for the season for our Bethel girls. They made it as far as the semi-finals in OKC, but were unable to conquer the other team.

We know it is heartbreaking for them - especially the three graduating seniors.

We are still very pround of them. The state games were played here in this complex.
Practice time - warming up were Bethel and Chelsea (they were the winners.)
Entrance prices at $5.00 each were very reasonably priced. Concession stand prices were highway robbery though. I know these prices are probably what is charged at such type events .
I don't mind them making a profit - but making enough money to buy a new vehicle is way too much.

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tuesday said...

Good for them for making it that far!

Sounds like they charge as much as movie theaters for their concession stand stuff. I'm sure it costs some money for the field upkeep and all, but it's outrageous how much they try to get away with charging. Thank goodness for dollar stores and big pocketbooks :)