Sunday, October 07, 2007

Centennial Parade

Many things are up in the air now...but it appears I will be in the Oklahoma Centennial parade next Sunday afternoon in Oklahoma City. I will be riding along with grandson Max in a convertible. Also "Clifford, the Big Red Dog" (the PBS cartoon character) will be in the car too. It is scheduled to last two that means there will be many many entries.

Holly and Tony are both working the parade. Holly's title is line producer (don't know exactly all her job duties) and Tony will be one of the camera men.

The parade will be shown live at 2:00 on channel 13. It may be carried on other stations too...I just don't know at this time.

This is really all I know right now...hopefully I will get more data as the week progresses.

Guess I should go practice my "wave" technique..ha-ha!

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tuesday said...

Clifford the Dog is as popular as always, and you're sure to get a lot of attention sitting beside him, so you best have that wave down pat :)

Your grandson is really gonna have a blast! Have fun!