Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fall Season - Apple Time

When I got up this morning the weather was cool - in the mid 50's. Weatherman said we would reach the 80's this afternoon. Just my kind of day. I like all the seasons - each one has their own speciality.

We have only one apple tree in our yard. I don't have any idea as to what kind it is. I have tried to compare it to pictures of apples to determine its name so I would know the best use for them...but to no avail. This year, due to a late freeze we did not have many apples. If I would take a guess on the quantity it would be about 50 to 60.

I am not a big fresh apple eater - can not stand the peeling. Anyway, these apples make a good apple pie. Since apples freeze so well I decided I would make one apple pie and put the rest in the deep freeze.

In the past I have used my peeling, coring, and slicing machine for this task. I think it makes the slices too thin...could not find out how to make an adjustment for thicker slices. (Don't think there is one) So just used it to peel them and then I did the cutting into quarters and removing the core. At that time I sliced them to the thickness I liked. This was more work but the results were what I wanted.

This is a very large bowl and it was filled to the brim...well, there is a small amount of lemon water in the bottom (to keep them from turning brown).

Not a perfect looking pie - but one that tasted absolutely first class! Since my sweet husband is a diabetic I made it with a sugar substitute just special for him. He had a big slice with sugar free vanilla ice cream on it shortly after it came out of the oven.

I know these pictures are somewhat on the fuzzy side today. Guess I was more interested in the apple preserving process than the optics of picture taking.


tuesday said...

Looks good to me. I'm sure your husband appreciated you going to all that trouble to make a fresh apple pie.

You reminded me that I have a lot of apples leftover, so maybe I'll make some fresh apple sauce. I love the aroma it leaves in the house.

bakinbabe said...

OH YUM! And it is too a perfect looking pie!

eonyc said...

Which sugar substitute did you use? Splenda?? I'd love to try some baking recipes with the substitutes but I was worried they might taste funny!

Amelia said...

I use "Altern" from Wal-Mart. Leon can not tell any difference in it and Splenda. Altern costs less.

I use it the same way I would use regular sugar.