Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bird Seeds

During the off season - cold months- we put out lots of seeds for the many kinds of birds that call our place home...or at least a good cafeteria for a variety of seeds. It is wonderful to be able to look out the picture window and see all sizes and colors of birds munching and crunching on their food of choice. From time to time the squirrels will join in the feeding frenzy.

Of course, the seeds may wind up in unexpected places and take root later on. The birds never seem to mind being able to eat straight from the stalk. It is more work for them though.

This is one of the sunflowers that came up this summer. Isn't it a beauty! Sunflowers are one of my very favorite flowers so I try to grow some each summer. This year the birds did the planting for me.

I believe this is maize. The head has many, many tiny seeds attached. Some of them are still green while others have matured and are turning a darkish brown. This "planted" seed came up in the flower garden by the cellar.


eonyc said...

Sunflowers are a favorite of mine, too! That one is so perfect it almost doesn't look real!

tuesday said...

A-ha, birdseed! That would explain the corn that seemed to be growing in the middle of my back yard when the landscaper was taking his good 'ol time deciding to come over to mow the grass. I can't believe even more stuff hasn't come up like that, because I've been feeding the birds almost year-round for 3 years, and heaven knows the squirrels have dumped the feeder a fair share of

That sunflower really is a beauty!