Friday, September 07, 2007

A Contrast in Colors

A dear friend of mine from church gave me this purple flower (name is Purple Heart) several days ago. I enjoy spring and early to mid summer for flowers and plants. Since this time of the year is not in that time span I could not really decide where to "home" this plant. Then I spotted the pot of ornamental sweet potatoe vines and realized that would be a wonderful least for the time being. It is supposed to come back each year-however-I know it will need to be in the ground-not just in a pot.

I haven't mentioned quilting in some time...but yes, I am still into it...will be more so when the weather requires me to stay in side. This block is from the current quilt. It will have 56 blocks and there are 41 pieces per block. Figure the math---comes out to better than 2,200 pieces. Since it is squares or rectangles it won't take a real long time to do the machine sewing. I figure I will be cutting and machine sewing for about one month. No, that does not mean 8 hours a day for a month. But it does require many hours.

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