Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Entertainment (Retirement Style)

One of the things that Leon mentioned many times before his retirement was he wanted to go see high school ball games. He did not care if it was football, softball or baseball. Also, he did not care if it was boys or girls playing.

Well, that wish is coming true.

We have been to one football game (Tecumseh playing Lone Grove). Howard went with us and for the most part it was enjoyable. Weather was abit too cool for me...but the guys were fine. I enjoy football on TV better. I like the camera shots, the announcers explaining what has just happened, and the yellow line showing how many more yards needed for first down.

We have been to quite a few girls fast pitch softball games. Leon and Howard went to Prague for the first outing...I stayed home. After Leon got back and was telling me all about it I decided I would go the next time. In the past I have really enjoyed watching (on TV) College World Finals that is played in OKC each year.

We have been to Bethel, Meeker, Tecumseh, Little Axe, and Konawa for games. We enjoy watching Tecumseh play...but our very favorite is Bethel. At the very beginning we did not think we knew anyone on the team...but come to find out we know two of the girls. Well, at least we know their parents who are the same age as our children.

Because we are "senior age" we can get in free at the Bethel and Tecumseh home games. This "free" entertainment is quite enjoyable.

"Go Bethel!"

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bakinbabe said...

So, the answer to my question, was it is all types of ball games! That is great and cheap entertainment. And I am with you, in that I am spoiled to watching on tv and seeing the yellow line and instant replay.