Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Each year I call the bunny that stays around the house Flopsy. The one this year seems more tame then the ones in previous years. I can walk within three or four feet of it. I do believe its main objective is to eat and eat. Some of my garden plants are dinner from time to time. I knew from previous years the cypress fern is one of the top selections - so we put up a fence around it this year. The plant in the foreground is ornamental sweet potato plant. The one in the rear is wild - comes up in this flower bed each year. It has a bloom similar to a morning glory. It also vines like a morning glory. Flopsy munches on it daily.

Look in the center of this shot and see Flopsy.

Flopsy enjoys eating the peaches too. He munches and crunches on those that are near the ground. He is a healthy vegetarian rabbit...getting his fruit, clover, grass, and flowers in his daily diet.

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Lori said...

That little guy is so cute! Your garden and container plants are so pretty.