Monday, May 07, 2007

The Current Status of our Vegetable Garden.

At this point our garden is coming along quite nicely. We were late in sowing the lettuce, okra, cucumber and squash seeds. In fact they were just planted on the 30th of April...for you gardening experts that is late. The cold wet weather just did not seem gardening weather. As of today all have started coming up with the exception of the squash.

The onions and tomatoes planted earlier are doing great. We have been eating onions for several weeks now. We had covered the tomato plants at the beginning to protect them from the wind. We have since removed the covers and they are standing tall and proud. This is the size of the onions now...just perfect for eating. We are going to let some grow large to use for winter use. At $1.50 or more per pound in the store we hope to be able to store quite a few for later eating and cooking.
Looking south at the onions and tomatoes--the soil color is truly red.
We are looking forward to this tomato plant (and the others) producing us many tomatoes for summer eating enjoyment.
Leon is laying off one of the rows for the seed planting.


Emig Family said...

You're picking up where Grandpa Loessin left off.

Renee said...

You'll have enough veggies to open your own farmer's market :)