Monday, May 07, 2007

Leon's Retirement Party

This past Saturday evening we celebrated Leon's retirement with a cookout here at our house. Family and friends- numbering 22 joined us for the event. We had planned to have it in the back yard - but the weather was very windy and misting rain from time to time. We went to plan B -which was using the car port and garage. So all the chairs and tables were moved to the new location. Leon had cleaned off both of his big work tables so actually we had more table space this way. Larry was the chef at the grill and cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs. Other food was potato salad and baked beans plus a variety of chips (to go along with Holly's tasty dip). Of course, we had the usual items required to make a big hamburger. For dessert we had peach cobbler I made. A couple of guests also brought some desserts - two kinds of delicious cookies and a very special recipe of banana pudding. Soft drinks rounded out the menu.

Leon recieved some nice gifts - but the best gift was to be surrounded by his family and close friends.

Here are a few of the candid photo shots.

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