Saturday, April 28, 2007

A peak at my flower garden

This is a Japanese iris planted by the lavender bush. These roses smell "so wonderful".
During the winter my "hen and chickens" grew so much.

I have put out more hostas, day lilies, and a variety of annuals. I did cut back on the number of flower pots this year. This is due to the higher cost plus the additional work load in watering them. The ones I put out are low maintenance types. I don't like to dead head those type of plants that require it. I did plant something I have never grown before--it is called licorice and is used in pots for a trailing vine. It has small gray-silver looking leaves.
I will defintely be posting more pictures as the flowers start to grow and bloom.


Renee said...

That hen and chick is HUGE! your flowers are beautiful!

Emig Family said...

Can't wait to see 'em in person!

eonyc said...

I LOVE that iris! Breathtaking! Having my own garden is one of the very few things that I miss while living in the city. I did some 'urban gardening' this week---will try to post some photos soon!