Friday, January 26, 2007

Jury Duty

Just over two weeks ago Leon received one of those "Greetings" letters requesting his presence to be a juror.

This was good and bad - the good part he could be home some more time - the bad part was the pay scale.

Monday he -along with nearly 100 people gathered at the local courthouse for this new adventure. He was selected in the first process with instructions to be back on Wednesday for the scheduled trial.

At 9:00 AM he was there ready to listen to lawyers and witnesses in the presentation of the case. After waiting for a period of time the jury pool people were taken into a small room. The judge came in and apologized for taking up their time as the case had been settled out of court.

He got to experience part of this judicial process but not all of it. Oh well. he can be called again in two years.

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Emig Family said...

And he got a cool button!