Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bethel Road Blunders

Living on Bethel Road with all its little hills and low places - plus being a narrow road I have seen my share of problems in driving on it. The present storm of ice/snow/freezing rain/sleet has presented still another set of problems for the drivers. On Tuesday I watched several cars slide sideways down the road...also watched as 7 men worked for quite a time to get a pick-up out of a ditch just South of my driveway. After watching all this I called my beauty operator and cancelled my hair appointment. Those of you that know me realize getting my hair done each Thursday is almost as certain as the sun coming up each morning. I can do many things - but hair styling is not one of them.

This is looking SW from our front porch. As you can tell the trees have ice on them. Yesterday afternoon I noticed a road grader half in the road and half in the ditch. From the way it looked (judging by the tracks across from where it was located the grader had got stuck on the opposite side of the road - gave it the gas - and then slid across to the other side. Within a period of time another road grader came out to assist in getting the first one luck... all it did was get more of it in the deep ditch. Then still another road grader came out to help with the incident. Chains were hooked up between the three road graders and they tugged and tugged (with probably much cussing and discussing between all the guys). Also two county trucks had arrived on the scene to lend their assistance. After deciding they could not successfully pull road grader # 1 out from the North side (which is going up hill) road graders # 2 and 3 went around to the south side and again hooked up chains/cables and were successful this time. Looking across the back yard.

Now the weather men are predicting 5 to 10 inches of snow starting tomorrow.

I am ready for spring!!!


Emig Family said...

Yikes! Aren't you glad you're only watching the ice capades and not participating in them?

eonyc said...

Oh no!!!! You can send some of that snow our way if you want. ;)