Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cake "Creation"

This morning I decided to bake a carrot cake using a recipe from a cookbook that I had received from Holly and Tony some time ago. My plans were to have a double layer cake with lots of cream cheese frosting and pecans between the layers...with more frosting on top and sides. Then add a sprinkling of chopped pecans on the top.

After letting the cake cool the amount of time as indicated I started the process of removing one of the layers from the cake pan -my hand went one direction and the cake went another. I ended up with about 4 large pieces and many many small ones. The next layer was no problem. In viewing this situation I knew there was not any way I could make this one layer come close to representing a round circle again. Being the frugal (and creative) person I am I headed another direction. I got out some small pretty bowls and put the pieces in them, added a large dollop of frosting and topped that with pecans.

The remaining layer was placed on a decorative serving plate and frosted as originally planned.

Makes me wonder if "Martha" would have handled it this way!


bakinbabe said...

Mmmmmm, looks yummy, and pretty, too! When's dinner?


Emig Family said...

I'll pick off the pecans and have the middle dish.

eonyc said...

Why do I see cake everywhere I look today??? That looks delicious! Good save, too. ;)

M & K said...

Hey it's all about improvising and being creative! Good job!