Friday, October 06, 2006

"FALL" - A Glorious Season!

Warm days with cool nights - now that is my time of the year. It is a time to relax with most of the yard work. The forth coming months have wonderful holidays.

This pumpkin is peaking out among my morning glories. This is the second go around for these flowers. The early ones bloomed very nicely - but with all the dry hot weather (even with watering) they looked terrible in August. Pulled them all out - the seeds had already fallen. Lo and behold I got a new batch of flowers - which is what is showing here. In the early morning they are so pretty against the lattice.

This scarecrow is in our front yard guarding the wagon. We recently added this old freight wagon to our outside decor. Practically all that is left of the wagon is the iron part as most of the wood has rotted. Right now it appears as if the wagon was carrying the huge rock and the weight of the rock broke the wagon in the middle part. Maybe in years to come we will assemble a bed for the wagon. Larry (Leon's oldest son) was able to obtain the wagon from one of his neighbors for nothing - just hawl it off. Leon and Larry spent a hour or so getting it loaded on the trailer as a cedar tree was growing around it.

These two smaller scarecrows are ready to scare away all the ghosts and goblins that might want to enter into their territory.

The past two years I have raised my own pumpkins but with no rain this summer no pumpkins for displaying in the yard. So purchased these at Wal-Mart. Hopefully though next year I can grow them again. I really like the small miniature ones to use in the house.


Renee said...

It looks very festive! I like the wagon.

eonyc said...

I love morning glories! They're just such happy little flowers!

Sherri said...

This is a delightful time of year! I love this time of year! The wagon is a wonderful addition to your yard. I have been admiring it everytime I drive by... =)