Monday, October 30, 2006

A Green Beauty

Last year I grew ornamental sweet potatoes in a large pot that was sitting on top of this retaining wall. These plants are annual, so of course, when the weather got real cold they froze.

Much to my amazement in June I spotted these little sweet potato leaves growing out of the retaining wall. Since these blocks are placed on top of each other there is very little soil for the plant to grow in. I thought it would grow just a small amount and that would be that.

This is how much it had grown in July.

August shows more growth.

September rolled around and still more growth.

Now in October it is still very gorgeous.

What is such a surprise these plants are grown from cuttings only. As far as I can tell they do not bloom. Only God knows how this came about. I certainly did enjoy this blessing he gave me.


Emig Family said...

Pretty little plant.

eonyc said...

Gorgeous!! I love sweet potato plants. : )

Sherri said...

I couldn't believe that these were growing back! Isn't God wonderful? I just love his little gifts he gives each of us to enjoy. Your little gift has been putting a smile on my face everyday I drive by. =) Something about sweet potato plants brings me comfort, I guess it is because I think of Thanksgiving-- a very comforting holiday. No gifts to buy or wrap, just fix food & eat.