Thursday, September 21, 2006

Armadillo - Yard Pest!

I need to call out the army to rid my yard of this pesky armadillo. It seems like for the past week or so I spot a new place in the yard that has been destroyed. These varmits take their long snouts and dig holes in the yard about 3 to 4 inches deep and about the size of large lemon in width.

I suppose they are digging for grub worms or some other type of buried insect. Why can't they dig out in the field? No, they have to choose my yard - right close to the house.

Anyone got any ideas as how to get rid of them - short of taking a shot gun to them - which I suppose is not legal.


Emig Family said...

Maybe they don't realize you don't want them there. Have you ever talked to them about the situation? They may listen to reason.

Sherri said...

Those critters drive me nuts!!! We are working hard at getting grass to grow in our yard, but the armadillos dig up any grass that tries to grow--- Our yard barely made it through that dry hot summer & now them guys are trying dig it all up.... If you hear of anything, let me know....

Also, I like the new feature in your front yard. We drove by today & saw you all working on it. =)