Thursday, September 07, 2006

Spending time with Grandson Max

This past Tuesday my sister Wanda and I went to visit Max (and of course Holly and Tony). As always we had such great fun. We all went to eat at a wonderful hamburger place in Edmond. All agreed they serve the best hamburgers anywhere! Max did not want to keep his napkin tucked in his shirt until he saw that Granny would tuck hers in also. After eating we went shopping - was searching for just the right style, color, and of course price for some brown shoes for Holly. That part of our shopping excursion turned out wonderful as she found the ones that met all three requirements. Plus got Max a pair of tennis shoes for this winter.

Here is Max checking out the new desk and chair that Grandpa and I got him several weeks ago. He can fine tune all his artistic abilities while being comfortable in this seating place. So world look out for some future works of art by Maxwell Blue Emig!

No visit is complete unless we go outside. While I sat in the swing Max was so busy. Soap bubbles was the first thing to play with - didn't last long as some how the bottle kept being knocked over. Then it was time to play with the dog's kibbles. Putting each little one in the soap bottle and then shaking them out for the dog to eat was fun. No trip outdoors is complete unless Max gets to play in the water - at least a small amount of time. In fact, I rolled up the legs on my jeans and took off my shoes and acted like a kid again playing in the water.

By this time the hands on the clock indicated it was time to go cook supper for the family. Most of the time I cook when I go there. It is not that Holly can't or won't cook - its just that I get much pleasure in cooking for my family. Naturally, I sit right next to my precious grandson and makes sure he gets what he wants to eat. This time it was the mashed potatoes that was his favorite.

As always, the time went by so fast. Wanda and I can hardly wait until we can go again and spend time with them.


Renee said...

It looks like you all had a great visit! I know Max LOVES spending time with his grandma (and aunt too). I'm glad you had such a good time!

Sherri said...

Max is soooo cute!! The way he is looking at you is so adoreable!
He is growing so very fast. I hope you & Leon are doing well.

Hugs to you all!

Sherri said...

Max is growing so fast!
The photo of you both is so adoreable!
I hope you & Leon are doing well.

Hugs to all!

eonyc said...

Too cute!!! Nothing beats quality time with great grandparents!