Monday, July 31, 2006

High Heat and Low Rain Fall!

I know everyone gripes about the weather - and I am no different. As records can prove we have experienced these high temperatures and low rain fall in previous years. In those years, I was employed and really only looked at my yard a tiny bit in the evening and just a small amount more on the week ends. Now that I am retired and enjoy the out door work so very much I view my yard many times a day as I am out piddling around with my plants.

This is how most of my yard looks now. It is brown and in some places almost white from being bleached by the sun. These leaves are from the pear tree-which does not usually lose its leaves until October. The size of the yard really prohibits watering - plus the expense involved. We have our own water well but don't want to lower the water table too much there. Also the water well pump would kick on very frequently - which in turn would make the electricity meter just click and click - with each click the cost would go up on my electric bill.

I took this picture at 6:00 pm this past Saturday of the thermometer on the front porch. It is in a shaded area and the temp is still on the hot side.

This was taken at the same time - only it is in sun - located on the west side of the well house. Now that temperature is way too high for me! I believe this has been the 18th or so day in a row we have had 100 plus temperatures here. Wasn't it Will Rogers that said "If you don't like the weather, just wait awhile"- well I think I have waited long enough...I am ready for a change.

Thanks for reading my complaints.


eonyc said...

We're about to have a 100 degree day (including heat index) in NYC--you should hear the complaining here.. I remember what it was like to feel that hot for DAYS!

Sherri said...

I agree. Our drive way is dirt & it is so dusty. I am so tired of all of the dryness. I feel like everything is all burned up. I am so ready for fall.

Sherri said...

I still have some basics to get caught up on before I can actually get into Pharmacy school. I will apply to both OU & South Western State University & see which I get in to. I am so excited about this new adventure! I am hoping I can get in to OU, even though I am a Cowboy fan at heart =) I will keep you posted.