Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My Latest Quilt...

About three weeks ago I started this new quilt that has 60 blocks of stars and 12 blocks of cats. I would have posted a picture of the 8 pointed stars - but Blogger has been giving me fits all day long in not uploading photos.

The colors I selected are shades of black, white, red and yellow. These colors are both for the felines and the stars.

Each star contains 17 pieces sewn together to get the finished block. I have not done the math - but take 60 stars times 17 pieces and you can tell it took me several hours to complete the sewing process of just the star blocks.

I did the eyes, nose etc. using different stitches on my new sewing machine. This method is certainly much faster than if I would attempted to hand embroidery each one. Each cat is slightly different in the way I placed the mouth, eyes and nose.

When the quilt is completely finished I will post a picture so you can see the results of my adventure.

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