Sunday, January 02, 2011

Snapshot Question

For the last several years I have used Snapfish for the processing of all my pictures – the ones that I use for scrapbooking and the ones for the picture album.

Snapfish has changed their website  format - making ordering pictures more difficult – you have to move along at  a fast pace or it assumes you are through..and will take you almost to the “check out” area….then you have to go back and repeat part of the process to get where you were. This has taken what should be a few minute order session to a hour one.

 So my question is: What company do you use? Would you recommend them? Is the pricing per picture economical? Are the shipping charges reasonable?

Not that my pictures are that perfect by any means but I would like them to be the best they can be when developed….so I am looking into changing companies.

So – let me know whom you would suggest.

~ Amelia ~


Hazel said...

Sorry I can't help you I just download the photo's on the Wal-Mart site and go pick them up ,they are ready with in an hour .19 cents a photo in Canada probably cheaper in the USA .We also got the first 50 free if we took there news letter .It's funny we seen the icon for snapfish on DH new computer ,had no idea what it was I'd never heard of it before today .

Marilyn said...

Hi! Happy New Year! I use The price is good. I like them sent to my home but shipping is free if you pick up at the store. My aunt uses Walgreens and likes them. I recently got a Kodak printer and have been printing pictures on it. Love that. Fast and easy but I don't know about cheap yet. I think the booklet says 9 cents per pic. but I don't know yet. I will do a bulk order at WM soon. I always upload my pics to just to keep them safe at an online place in case my computer crashes. Good luck. Post what you decide. Marilyn

Renee said...

I use shutterfly. It's a great company and they have great products (photo books, calendars, etc). Easy to use and have never had any problems.

Victoria said...

I use Walmart and have them shipped to the store so I don't have to pay shipping. The quality has always been great.

I also do my Christmas cards and calendars for my Mom, MIL and Grandmother through Walmart.

eonyc said...

I use for all my photos, enlargements, etc. They're fast, affordable, and they offer free shipping/discounts all the time (if you sign up for their emails).

Halcyon said...

I like Shutterfly. I have also made quite a few photo books with them and I find they have more choices, etc. than Snapfish.