Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Year ~ New Looks

All the red, green and gold Christmas decorations are down. They have been packed in the totes and carried to the shed to remain until the end of November.


Not wanting to go to earth tones and springy items I have opted to have a winter look. I have been planning this for several months – even back during yard sale shopping…looking for items that would fall into this category. Did not find a lot – but a few items. Also made up a couple of decorated candles for the mantel a couple of months ago. Here is the link to those:


Went through my collections of white and cobalt blue  - added some silver  - some bling-bling looking items…arrived at the look I was aiming for. Also got out my snowmen to add to the winter look. Just heard from one of the local weathermen cold cold weather with snow is predicted starting Sunday. If that is the case there will be snow on the outside and winter snowy items in the house.


Here are some pictures showing my winter wonderland!


The dining room table has this new tapestry table runner.


Silver and white – on the dining room table.



Snow flakes  - ignore the bright spot on the glass…the flash

from the camera caused it.100_5395

Layered look on this arrangement.

Started with a silver charger (was gold and then spray painted to silver).

Added the white milk glass plate that is scalloped with the inside of the scallop

cut out.

Next came the cobalt blue salad plate.

Added the candle and the silver picks.


I went ahead and left these two winter white St. Nicks out.



This cute snowman was one of my yard sale finds…doesn’t he have

a happy look!100_5415

Mr.  and Mrs.  Snowman

Gave them a deep blue background as they were lost against

the white wall. These are rather old – had them for several years


Used silver tinsel with snowflakes.

The small candles would look better if they were a white white instead

of an off white…but these where what I had…so just

used them!100_5399 Mantel – can not really see anything real clear

but you get the idea.

We are kicking around the idea of painting the fireplace – any experience in this dept?


Love the color combination!100_5409

Some more of the “winter “ look in the living room.100_5446The candle is one of those battery flame kind.

It was a gift this Christmas.

When not turned on it has a  silver and glittery look.

Turn it on   - then the lower part turns a pretty blue.


As you can tell from the date of the pictures – they were taken yesterday. When in Wal-Mart today I found some blue velvet  poinsettias – have not decided where I will use them.


I suppose I will leave my winter scenes out for several weeks – or at least until I decide what will take it’s place. When in the shed the other day and looking at the items stored there – not many of them looked interesting. Seems like they have been around forever.


Where ever you live – stay warm and safe!


~ Amelia  ~


Michelle said...

Everything looks great!

Marilyn said...

It is so pretty. I love that you decorate for winter. I have my mantle done with a big snowflake but that is all. We are in for some snow it sounds like. Take care and enjoy.

Victoria said...

Love the sparkle of all your silver and blue!

I decided the same thing about decorating in Jan a couple of years ago. I'm not ready for spring decor and I'm tired of Christmas decor so we now have silver and blue snowflake type stuff out for Jan. Guess I should get moving and take a pic and blog about it, huh? :)

Amanda said...

How lovely your house must look Amelia. I so admire the way you decorate your house season by season. Our Christmas decorations are down and put away, and now everything is back to 'normal', the way it will probably stay, with perhaps a change around of quilts now and then.