Monday, December 06, 2010

Odd Combination

Check out my other blog for an odd-different-strange combination of two items I used in my Christmas decorating.


Those two items were:


coffee filters




kosher salt.


Head over there and see what resulted.


How is your decorating progressing?




Hazel said...

Great idea's I would have never thought of the salt ,it really does look like ice .And your right your's is so much better LOL .

Marilyn said...

My decorating isn't progressing. Ha I have the mantle done, the dining room table done, a tiny tree and some things in the kitchen. That may be it. I left a comment on the other blog. Love your clever ideas!

Val said...

My decorating is all sitting in boxes outside my door waiting on someone to help me!

bj said...

Thanks so much for coming to the open house. I sure am glad it's not a REAL open house. I am pooped!!;)

I have all the decorating done..I never do too much. With all those stockings, tree and gifts, it is enuf. :)
xo bj