Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting ready…


Usually when I start the Christmas decorating I drag out the totes. try to decide what will go where, create something to fill a spot and so on…this seems to take forever. This year I am trying to take a different approach. By this, I mean to get started earlier on some of the creative (yes, that is a funny)  aspects of wreaths, small trees, flower arrangements, etc. Not wanting to spend a lot of money (who has any to spare anyway) I wanted to use what I had – but perhaps in a different way than before.


I wanted to make some different flower arrangements using the many poinsettias I have collected over the years.Decided the small soup tureens I collect needed to be used for something – in stead of just collecting dust on the shelves. Packed the lids away – started inserting flowers, etc to come up with an arrangement.


Had several wreaths that were old – I mean old – decorated before I became Leon’s wife. I was so tired of the way they looked…so had not used them the last several years. Stripped them down to the bare greenery – started anew! Used a little of this and a little of that. Some of them I like better than others – but at least they are all different that what they had been.


As with all my creating – I enjoy the fun in it.


Here are some pictures of the “Creations”. Of course, I think they will look better as part of the Christmas decorations – than they do now just hanging/sitting in the sewing/craft room.

100_4945100_4937I really  like this glass glitter on these items – seems to make them look so “rich”. 

100_4932 100_4959100_4924 100_4927

The balls on this look copper in color – but are really gold.

100_4928 100_4969


I decorated a couple of trees – this one with the red flower and another one with a gold flower. I plan on using them on the mantel – of course, along with lots of other items. As you know, this is subject to change, once the actual decorating begins all bets are off as to where I will place this or that.


All the Christmas totes will come out of storage next week and the decorating will commence!




Amanda said...

Your house is going to look wonderfully festive once you really get going on the decorating. I will probably hang my Christmas quilts early in December, but the bulk of the decorating will probably wait until nearer Christmas.

Marilyn said...

YOu have some beautiful things. Love those red poinsettas and I too love that glass glitter. Did you put that on yourself? Your home is going to be stunning. M

Bethany said...

You are so talented! Everything is so beautiful and much nicer than what the stores have.

Stacey said...

Hi Amelia. :) You have some beautiful Christmas arrangements and wreaths. Looks like you are off to a great start to me.

Thanks for your sweet note this week. Happy Thanksgiving!

julieQ said...

We are decorating this weekend...hope it turns out as well as yours!!

bj said...

Every thing looks just wonderful.

I, too, have decided to decorate with things I have. Not buying one single thing new.

Val said...

You have such a gift. I wish I had that knack of decorating. These are absolutely beautiful.