Monday, October 11, 2010


Taking an object and changing it to something else can be fun – sometimes frustrating – seeing a finished item in your head and then making it come to life can lead to a major accomplishment or a headache.  However, I do enjoy the challenge, perhaps learn something as I go along, if it works I am pleased – then if not I figure there is something else down the road for a project.


Have you heard about taking wool – washing it in hot water – this process makes it shrink! The finished fabric is a lot like felt – but not as dense. In the back of one of the closets was an old – really old – red wool coat. The moths had visited it in a couple of places so it was not in good enough condition to give to the “Coats for Kids” ministry at church. I was wanting to make a new tote/bag for carrying the news paper, magazine, snack, etc to the beauty shop. With this in mind I proceeded to cut the coat apart, tear out the lining, throw it in the washing machine with hot water. Added soap and fabric softener – when cycles were completed in to the dryer it went for just a short period of time. What started out as a full size coat was now a small piece of fabric.


Here is the full picture of the tote.

100_4614The color looks pink – but believe me it is a true bright red.  I did the embroidery work in black. No, I did not do the embroidery work by hand – used the embroidery machine.



I tried several times to get a picture of this embroidery – but this was the best I could get.

100_4616 This is on the other side. Each of these embroidered pieces are actually on another piece of fabric and then sewn on to the bag to create a pocket.100_4617 For the lining I stole this bandana print from my quilting fabric stash.

100_4633I have been seeing these rolled flowers on several of the blogs – so wanted to try my hand at making one. It turned out pleasing to my standards – do decided to attach it to the bag – on top of the flower that was just a outline of the flower and leaves.



I used hook and loop tape on the inside for closing it.


Credit  must be given to my sweet husband for cutting me a piece of real thin wood that I used in the bottom.


Probably the tote is longer than most people would want – but for me  - this is the way I wanted it.


Recycled a moth eaten coat into a one-of—kind tote.  Fun project and learned some things as I went along.


Have a great week – fall time is here. We are enjoying the cool nights and warm days.





Kristie said...

That turned out very nice. You are so creative.

Hazel said...

Lovely ,isn't recycling fun .The embroidery and rose was a nice touch to finish the bag .I'm impressed .

Suzan said...

Congrats on your first flower - and doing such a good job of recycling!!

Amanda said...

What a brilliant project. I'd love to have a go at quilting but don't have any woolen objects to play with, apart from a couple of cashmere jumpers and I'm still wearing those. I'll have to look out in the charity shop for something.

Marilyn said...

How creative! I've wanted to try those wool to felt projects too but have no wool. I absolutely love the tote. Was the flower hard to make? I need to get to Goodwill and find an old sweather and give the felt a try. Love it!! You did great!

Michelle said...

And a wonderful job it turned out to be!

Valerie said...

Wow. I am so impressed. I love it!

eonyc said...

I never knew you could do that with wool--you are so creative and clever! The bag is super cute, too.