Friday, September 24, 2010

Still a weed?

Remember back end of August I had a post about a weed in one of my flower beds. I now believe it is a weed as I have seen several in fields around the country side. Of course, I just spot them from the car - but they look the just like mine. However, all of them appear to be smaller than the one we have.


You can tell how much it has grown in the past month.

100_4563 100_4564

Weed or not - still think it adds a lot to the flower bed...perhaps not the favorite place I would have planted it - but still I like it and not cutting it down - until after frost.

Side note - tomorrow I am helping with a funeral dinner at church - loss of a 18 month old child. She had many health issues from the time she was born (two months early at that) until her death...spent most of the time in the hospital. Her parents knew she did not have much of a chance at all from the very beginning - but still it hurts. Keep Paul and Shelly Adams in your their precious baby girl Leah is in heaven with our Father feeling no pain at all.



julieQ said...

I like your "weed"! I guess it is all in our own perspective. I feel so bad for that family of the little child...glad you were able to help and comfort them. Good for you!

Hazel said...

Prayers are being sent for the family , and thank God for your help and care during the funeral .

Amanda said...

It certainly doesn't look like a weed, such pretty variegated leaves and is that a small cluster of flowers in the top? It reminds me of a plant that I know, but I'm not a plantsman, so I can't bring it to mind.

Suzan said...

That "weed" really grew to be quite beautiful! Maybe you can dig it up and move it somewhere in the garden where you would like it NEXT year!

So sorry you have a difficult day ahead. I am sure the family will find some consolation knowing that so many people are caring for them and lifting them in prayer.

Marilyn said...

So, so sad about Leah. I'm praying for comfort for all. Your 'weed' is a beauty! I'd keep it also. Love the white with the green. Hope you have good weather today. Good luck with the funeral meal.

Michelle said...

Well, whatever it is, it's pretty!

StitchinByTheLake said...

It may be a weed but it's beautiful! blessings, marlene

eonyc said...

I like it!! But then I also like Queen Ann's lace, which is apparently also a 'weed!'