Friday, May 21, 2010

Bad Luck

There is an old saying that bad luck happens in lots of three. Yesterday seemed to be a fine example of that.

To start with Leon placed his wallet, garage door opener and cell phone on top of his pick-up while he went to do something else. He forgot about their location and took off...about 1/4 mile down the road he saw some things fly off...and realized what had happened. He recovered all items...some in bad condition. The phone and garage door opener beyond both to be replaced.

After this he came in and settled down in his big easy chair..turned on the TV...nothing...saw the red light in out the book of instructions...the lamp had gone out...these are not cheap.

Had to put our old cat down...she was 18 years old and was displaying many of the traits of an old cat...could deal with all of them but the wetting in places other than her litter box...during the day she slept most of the time...but at night she would roam and do her dirty deeds...her personality had changed too - not a sweet loving cat she had once been - but most time (when awake during the day) she hollered in a nerve grating voice....needless to say Leon had to take her to the vet...I could not do hurt him too - but not as much as it did me......I cried and cried....yet I knew this was best. We still have the other two cats to love and pet.

Today is a new day - sun is shining - God is still in control and taking care of us. His blessings continue to come our way.

On the bright side - got Leon a new cell phone...not as good as the one he had...but it will have to do until we can sign a new contract. As for the garage door opener will check into getting a replacement for that one. We took the old lamp out of the TV - took it to the repair shop - getting a new one ordered...should be in next week. We have the small TV Leon still has a remote to hold in his hand when he is in his chair.

Have a great weekend...we will!


Darlene said...

Morning Amelia,

So sorry about the three bad things. I have learned never to put anything on my vehicle. I have seen too many people do it and lose things. It is kind of funny though when you see a car cruising past with a purse on

Our TV lamp went out last year. I wish there was some kind of warning on them. Nope you turn on the TV and it just WON'T come on AT ALL....ick! Ours was under an extended warranty so it was free, but no they are not cheap.

So sorry about your fur baby. You can always tell if it is time to put an animal down and her yelling could have been because she was in pain. So sad. Hopefully, better days are ahead.♥

Hazel said...

My mom also said bad luck comes in three's .You've had your three now good luck surrounds you.I'm so sorry about your cat ,we had the same thing happen ,I cried for days , we never replaced ours ,some days I think about getting one but I keep putting it off .Have a great weekend.

Stacey said...

Thank goodness it's a new day! You've had more than your fair share this week. Hope it's a better day for both of you.

I'm sorry about your old cat.

Michelle said...

Louie lost a very expensive pool cue in an also, expensive case,one time by putting it on top of his car. He was car pooling with a guy from another town. He took his pool cue out of his friend's car, set the pool cue on top of the car while he unlocked the door, then he drove away. He heard a clunk as he rounded the corner, but he thought something in the trunk had fallen over. Twenty miles later, when he got home, he realized what the clunk was. He called his friend, but it was already gone. A few weeks later, his friend saw a 10 year old boy walking down the street with it, but there was nothing he could do. Luckily, we had good insurance. Our car insurance covered it, by claiming theft. It was a tough day at our house too. You know Louie and his pool!

I hope things look a little brighter today for you. You are right. God is in control, and He is good. There are so many more things in this world a whole lot worse.

be blessed,

Michelle said...

I forgot to add that I am so sorry about losing your furry friend. I know that was the hardest. Sending hugs!

Marilyn said...

I'm SO sorry about your cat. She is the only thing that can't be replaced from your bad day. You sure did have a bad day. Aren't you glad your 3 all happened on the same day? I always hate waiting for the other shoe to fall. Bad things do indeed come in 3s. Enjoy this 'good' day!
ps Leon was sure lucky to see his things falling and retrieve his wallet.

Valerie said...

Oh I am so sorry about your cat. That is so sad. I think that is why I don't have any pets. I get too attached. A remote is a very important thing to a man! I hope you bad luck is over! I hope only good things are to come! You are too sweet!

Amanda said...

Christopher once drove off with a bottle of tonic water on the car bonnet. Once he saw it, of course he had to slow down very carefully so as not to knock it off. He managed to save it. I'm so sorry about your cat; it's such a hard decision to make, but at least it's a decision we're allowed to make for our pets and you'll know that she didn't have to suffer too much before she went to sleep.

Carol said...

Days like that are challenging. I hope you have a great weekend. Take care.


julieQ said...

Hi Amelia, I am off work and can comment at last!! I am so sorry for you losing your old kittie...I know that is really hard. Too bad for the phone and garage door opener, lots of money in those little things! Hope you are doing well and dodging tornadoes!

Christina said...

Oh Amelia. I'm so sorry about your cat. What a hard thing to do. Even when we know it is for the best it doesn't change the sadness and ache.

Hope things are getting better. I've done the car thing too.