Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Finally - some Spring signs

For the past few days we have had the luxury of having some warmer days...wind as always blowing like crazy though. Yesterday the sun was out for maybe 15 minutes with the rest of the day clouds all the time. Weatherman is predicting some cooler highs later on in the week...real cool nights...but not freezing. I have moved all the plants from the well house where they have been in a semi dormant stage for several months.

Last fall I had left many little babies attached to the spider plants when putting them in storage. Removed those and put in water to grow roots - these will be planted then. So if anyone in the area is looking for a start of this plant...come on by.

Another plant I get the most for my money is the geranium...in the fall by removing most of the dirt from the roots, storing them in a sack or box, away from any light, putting them in a cold/not freezing place they go into a deep sleep. The middle of March they start to wake up and send out little new leaves. After knocking off the dead leaves and cutting back the shriveled part they were planted in several locations. Right now they sort of look like sticks stuck in the ground.

Here are a few pictures of the Spring look at the Watkins place.100_3177



Part of front yard.


Trees are starting to turn green.


Ready to go fishing?


Purple is always in style.

100_3161Tulip keeping company with the hostas peeking through the ground in back yard.

Now if we just had a pretty lawn...I can always dream.



Marilyn said...

It is all so pretty. I didn't know that about the geraniums. Glad you posted about it. I'd drop by for spider plant babies if I lived closer. Windy here day and we are in for some storms later. But the rest of the week will be just as you said. Love spring and getting plants out and having some color. Enjoy your day.

Darlene said...

Morning Amelia,

Yep, our crazy Oklahoma wind is definitely at it!! I have a bunch of spider plant babies in water right now. They are ready to plant with long roots.

I LOVE your beautiful pictures with the pond. Fishing sounds fun to me!!

Hazel said...

What beautiful photo's I love that crabapple tree ,beautiful color. It's fun to imagine the different families who have lived there and how the tree has supplied shade for them .I know they get messy when the apples start to fall but I think the color and shade are worth it

Michelle said...

Beautiful. Just Beautiful. be blessed, Michelle

Victoria said...

We don't have a pretty lawn either. :) It's all weeds.

Love your flowering trees! From the pic you showed the lawn leading to the lake looks beautiful! Makes you wanna spread a blanket out and picnic or read.

I didn't know your tip for geraniums. I always buy some so I will have to try that this fall!

bj said...

Hi, Amelia...gosh, your yard is looking wonderful. I would drive over for a spider plant if I weren't so far away. Everyone in the pretty states are so glad for spring. With all the dirt and wind, spring is my least favorite time...but I do love the summertime and winter.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Hello Amelia!

Saw your comment in Dear BJ's 'Sweet Nothings' blog and thought I'd come over and say Hi. Since we share the same name, in Blog Land.

Gentle hugs,
'Aunt Amelia'


julieQ said...

Your yard looks so inviting, with the bright colors of spring popping out. Lovely!! I wish our lawn was a little nicer too, we are working on it.

Christina said...

Your pictures are beautiful Amelia.

I love when the tree are first getting their leaves. They look lacy. The crab apple is just delightful.

We are having our time of pollen here. The whole world is yellow and when the wind blows you see clouds of yellow drifting from the trees.

Have a great weekend.

vintage girl at heart said...

I never knew that about geraniums either!! I have not had much luck with them in the past..semms I always kill them but maybe they were just wanting to hibernate for Winter? I will have to try your trick this Fall!!
I live in Norman..transplanted from Florida almost two years ago so I am still learning about the plants and trees here in Oklahoma!
I find beauty in them..so many amazing colors and textures and I love how everything just came to life in the past month even after that late snowfall we had.
Your land and pond look so charming and so restful!!!
Glad you found me today!!!
I just love Marilyn & Darlene!!

Jen said...

It sure is looking like spring at the Watkins! I know your anxious to get your hands dirty.
My mother-in-law use to recycle her geraniums too.
good idea.