Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rich - could be

If I could sell all the weeds, bad grass, and leaves I find in my flower beds my bank account would be a staggering amount.

Worked outside for awhile this morning trying to clean out one bed....made some headway but it is not cleaned up 100%.

I think I will just make friends with the flowering weeds - who knows, maybe I can make them grow big and even prettier than they are now.

I am tired of all this yard work each and every spring and thru the I just getting old? The knees don't bend like they used to...leaning over from the waist gets tiresome...sitting down is okay until I try to get up...can't you just imagine the sight if I crawled from flower bed to flower bed.

If you think all this complaining is going to stop me from having it will not. Just ignore the noise! I love to garden - will not give in to the aches, pains and problems that comes with reaching another year of life.



Michelle said...

When your flower beds are all cleaned up, and your yard is a flowering beauty, you will totally forget the pain...I just know it. I can hardly wait to see it!
be blessed, Michelle

Suzan said...

My sister has a kneeling bench thing that really makes a difference when weeding or planting. I have used it and not only does it help the knees but it has handles on either end to help push you back up to a standing position. It is a back saver!!

Marilyn said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. But it just looks so much better cleaned out. It is overwhelming right now though. I work just an hr every day to try and get things in shape. It will take a LONG time. Good luck to you. Your yard is so pretty so it will be worth it. By the way, I use a stool.

Hazel said...

Your yard is a show case ,you can tell many years of hard work and love have gone into it .The item Suzan mentioned sound like a good idea or maybe just cut down on the size of your flower beds .Be careful you don't over do it.

Amanda said...

I'm afraid that I'm not much of a gardener, though I do enjoy growing vegetables and the work that goes along with that. Christopher has been working hard to clean up our flower beds whenever the weather has let him. Yesterday he was out there in hailstones, sleet and snow, determined to finish one particular bed! I'm strictly a fair weather gardener. Christopher uses a kneeler like the one Suzan describes and finds it very useful.

julieQ said...

I know what you mean, though...sometimes I think the thought of going out and working hard and bending over is worse than actually doing it! I know your gardens and flowers will be so lovely...enjoy!

Christina said...

I would be rick right along with you. Add in the soggy ground from all of the rain that we have had and I'm having a hard time getting started on anything outdoors.

Chloe has been working on at least one flower bed. We will have to run to Home Depot this weekend or next and grab some flowers to beautify it.

Anonymous said...

Amelia, My aunt is a Master Gardener and is now 77 years old, and she sounds like you in the fact that she isn't wanting as much of the clean up and work but can't help herself because she needs the dirt and the flowers and the work. She is doing away with one garden this year, and other than that, is cleaning and pulling and replanting as usual. Her legs and knees are cooperating as well either. My legs and knees and evne bending at my waist would be almost impossible for me, so I do appreciate you ladies and even men that work in their gardens. I look at others work and appreciate what they do because I sew and crochet and embroidery while looking "out" the window.