Monday, March 22, 2010

Making Lemonade

Well, I am not making lemonade - but as the saying goes when life hands you lemons make lemonade.

Saturday I tried a new homemade bread recipe...did not turn out as well as I wanted..too sweet and the cooking time was too long for my oven...bread turned out dense, a bit over cooked which resulted in a dry roll...we ate them with lunch...but they were not enjoyable.

I hated to toss them - so bread pudding is the answer. Leon does not care for bread pudding - but I love it.

I don't measure anything when making it - just throw some eggs, sugar, cinnamon and milk together - pour over the crumbled bread - let soak for awhile - bake until knife comes out clean - you know that routine.

When is came out of the oven I put a small amount of glaze type frosting on the top.

The result was so yummy...tasted like the center of a cinnamon roll...warm,gooey, sweet and then a bit of frosting made my mouth and taste buds yell with excitement.

Oh I should have taken some pictures - but everyone has seen bread pudding that is not new...too bad I can not send the mouth watering flavor I experienced in this post.

I am on a mission to find the perfect bread recipe - one that is perfect for me to make - I am a good cook in cookies, pie dough, etc -in the past have not really tried to find a good recipe for homemade bread... but now I now think it is time to add bread making to my list of qualifications in being a good Wife, Mother and most of all Granny ~ I have a bread machine that makes fair bread...but I want more of a hands on method of making hot that is airy and with a strong yeasty smell. Anyone, have a recipe that fits the description that you have tried and know that is works...please let me know.

Have a great week!



Marilyn said...

I am going to hunt up my hot roll recipe. I got it at the OSU extension bread making class. It is good. If you don't like it, just make some more bread pudding. M

Amanda said...

Your bread pudding sounds yummy. Can't help with a recipe I'm afraid, as use the bread machine to make bread for Christopher and buy gluten free bread for myself.

Norma said...

I have a bread recipe that I have used for almost 40 years........but no rolls. I would be interested in having a good recipe for those myself! If you want my bread recipe, just give a holler!

Take care........

Darlene said...

Sounds like the bread pudding was delicious! I've never made homemade bread so I'm no help at all with that!

Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.♥

Michelle said...

You are a TEASE, Amelia. Not fair!

As for the bread, I tried making bread once or twice when I was first married, and Louie and I ended up throwing it back and forth across the living room like a football, it was so tough. I'm not very domestic in the kitchen, so my answer for rolls and bread that smells yeasty, would be to go to Walmart or the grocery store, then step to the refrigerator/freezer section and pull out those bags of 'ready to thaw, and pop in the oven' rolls.

Hope you find what you are looking for. I'd be happy to sample though! LOL!
be blessed! Michelle

Stacey said...

Well it sounds delicious to me. Good luck with your quest to find the right recipe.

Christina said...

Hi Amelia,

The bread pudding sounds delish---especially the part where you said it tasted like the gooey middle of a cinnamon roll. Yummy!

It has been years since I made any yeasty rolls and I think those were Parker House Rolls.

I have a great wheat bread recipe for the bread machine, but no roll recipe.

Have a great Tuesday!

Tardevil said...

Just wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. Love your background! I wish I could help you with a bread recipe, but I would have to contact Nature's Own for that (ha!). That bread pudding sounds good. I've never tried making that, but it sounds easy, so maybe I'll give it a whirl. Have a happy Easter, if I don't make it back over. I try to visit everyone often, but it's tough w/ a baby.

Victoria said...

I have never made bread pudding but it sounds good! I also haven't made bread in a long, long, long time.

I understand about budgeting home renovation costs!!!! My sweet hubby and his father do most all of ours so we can save money that way and I don't have any major upgrades like granite counter tops, etc. :)

julieQ said...

OH, yum on the bread pudding! I do not have a good recipe, I think my family recipe died when my mom passed, I have never gotten the bread right since!