Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dollar Tree Makeover

Background info:

One of the bathrooms in our home is done in yellow with shades of blue and white as accent colors. As for decorations it has been a work in progress over a couple of years or so. Here are a couple of pictures showing how it looked Monday morning. In the pictures the dark color looks black - but it is really navy blue.

100_3002 100_3003These two pictures show the left side and the right side of the sink. Did you notice the very plain white tissue box? I got it a long time ago at Goodwill for $1.00. All along I had wondered what I would do to add some pizzazz to it - but nothing came to mind. I know that plain white would be fine with many people -but I wanted more.

When in the Dollar Tree on Saturday I spotted these tiles.100_3010 I immediately took a liking to them. At the time of the purchase I did not have any idea as to how I would use them. They reminded me of my love of quilting as the pattern looks like a very intricate appliqué quilt block.

The new look:

The idea hit me to use them on each side of the plain Jane tissue box. The tiles had a small hanging hook on them - which was very easy to just pop off. The sides of the tiles were an off white - almost tan- so I gave them a quick paint job using white paint. Then with my trusty glue gun I stuck them on the tissue box.100_3013 Now that looks so much better!

100_3021 100_3019 This picture is one I created many moons ago...I took some fabric and using my little scissors just randomly cut the flowers, stems and leaves...laid it down on another piece of fabric...and instant picture that matched the rest of the blue and white going on in the bathroom.

The bathroom is not complete - as far as decorating is concerned...I have one wall that is currently blank....a series of stuff have come and gone...nothing has really given me the feeling of being "the thing". Today though I am thinking about a clock - so will be on the look out for that.

Now Dollar Tree is my very favorite "go to" store for fun decorating on the low dollar side.



Hazel said...

The tiles on the tissue box look great ,I love blue and white .

Carol said...

Your creative re-do looks fab! I love $ Tree!


Anonymous said...

I love the new tissue box 'do'.

Michelle said...

Hi Amelia,
The previous comment you got came from me. Someone else was logged into google at my computer here at work. I wondered why I didn't have to sign in!

I love your tissue box!

Darlene said...

Morning Amelia,

I LOVE how your tissue box turned out using the tiles. VERY creative and looks GREAT! Hope you are enjoying your day. The sun is shining away here.♥

Amanda said...

Weren't you lucky that the tiles fitted your tissue box so well; it looks just right in your bathroom.

Marilyn said...

Oh, Amelia! I L O V E it!! How creative! It is just beautiful. What a great idea. You bathroom is really pretty. I love those colors. The picture you did is so nice too. You really are creative. I've wondered where you are. I hope you haven't been sick. There is something bad going around. We have some sun today! That always makes life better. Take care, M

julieQ said...

I love, love that tissue holder!! I need to check if we have a Dollar Tree around here...hmmmm

Stacey said...

What a great idea! That turned out really pretty.

Jen said...

The tissue box is Genius I say! Pure Genius!

Kristie said...

You are amazing! Such wonderful ideas!

Carla said...

What a great idea to use those beautiful tiles that way! I love Dollar Tree and almost always find something that makes happy when I stop in there.

Screaming Meme said...

YOu are crafty...i love what you did... Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming is so nice to meet you...Stop in anytime for a visit!