Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Love Month" decorations

Christmas is over - too early for Spring - Valentine's Day is so close - ready for theme decorating.

If you have been around me for very long you know I am constantly changing things on the dining room table. Also make a few additions or changes to other places in the house. Now that I have my Cricut machine I can make cut outs and words that I couldn't do will be making "things" utilizing the machine...and not just using it for scrapbooking pages. This is on the side board in the dining room. Used shades of pink to create the 12 x 12 plaque. If you have not used any Martha Stewart glitter before - try it. It is cut into such small fine pieces that is does not give the appearance of glitter we are used to using. This MS glitter looks like it was the original paper and not added later.

Just used things from around the house to put on the dining room table. The runner was one I made last year for Valentine's decorating...candles being red are useful at Christmas as well as now. The wreath is about 15 years old - you can't tell but it is heart shaped. Oh, yes the glass gem pieces around the candles are new. These candles are sitting in a pedestal cake plate - I just put another white plate in the center of it so the surface would be level.

Here are some pictures of the way the hall tree is decorated...nothing fancy - whimsical and carefree.100_2778100_2780100_2781

I made this valentine for my sweet husband - he has so many things on his table by his recliner I just tucked it in the lamp shade.100_2777 I cut all the words and the hearts using one of the cartridges on my Cricut machine.

These love items will stay out for the month of February...then March - Easter and Spring will be used.

I decorate to please me - nothing House and Garden would want - but I am happy.

Question: do you decorate to reflect your personality...or the latest trend?

Stay warm...and inside away from the bad weather.



Marilyn said...

Love your decorations. LOVE, Love, LoVe the table runner. Now, I wish I had a cricut. I didn't know you had one but am so glad you do. Your decorations looks perfect to me. My decorating style is what was on clearance last year. Ha

Darlene said...

I LOVE all of your beautiful decorations. It looks like your Cricut is coming in handy. I wonder if I would use one enough to justify the purchase. I decorate to please myself and my family....not what everyone else is doing. Oh, and if it is on clearance it

Amanda said...

I love the way you change your decorations to suit the season. The cricut machine seems like a good toy - like Darlene, I wonder if I'd use one enough.

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Hi Amelia, Your Valentines Decorations are precious! I love the dining room table runner and vignette! It is beautiful! I love my cricut, too! Mine was gift for Christmas '08, and at first I didn't think I would use it much, but now, I think of little uses often! The little Valentine for Leon was precious! Bet it made him feel very special! Hope he is still continuing to heal well! ~hugs, Rhonda :)

Hazel said...

Everything looks lovely ,you put such care and love into every special occasion .Like you I decorate to please myself ,I have to admit I do a lot less in the last couple of years .

Valerie said...

Oh I love your decorations. It shows you are in love! I love to change things around too. When I was younger and could move furniture by myself, my hubby said he never knew what he would find when he got home.

Michelle said...

I always like how you spruce up your home. How we decorate shows our personalities. I rarely decorate for any holidays anymore. Too tired, mostly, but I have it how I like it, and even though sometimes it doesn't make sense to others, it's for me.
be blessed,

Jen said...

Valentine's Day already!
That means it's been a year since we met at my giveaway. ;)
Your decorations are great as always. and I decorate according to my taste and speed.

Judi said...

Hi Amelia
I'm loving your Valentine's Day decorations. Red is one of my favourite colours so its a great season. I have never really seen what a Cricut does...I'll be looking forward to seeing how you use it.

How do I decorate? I decorate so that I feel comfortable and enjoy my place so its my style, however I enjoy looking in magazines and I am inspired by what others do and if its something I enjoy that I try to adopt it into my own style. It gives me inspiration.

hope you have had a great weekend.

julieQ said...

All your decorations are wonderful! I love the way you put the candle on the cake plate with the glass pieces...that is so pretty. Your wreath is so pretty, too. Hope you are staying warm up there in the frozen North!

Sherri said...

I love you Cricut creations! SO cute!

Janean said...

great V-Day decorations!

I decorate to reflect my personality, but pay attention to trends. few things seem worse than getting stuck in a time zone for a loooonnnggg time! lol.

Kristie said...

Your decorations always look so nice! Love the reds!