Sunday, December 06, 2009

A December Sunday

Does not seem like a Sunday though. With Leon still recovering from his knee surgery he is not able to go to church...and with his mobility being what it is I do not want to leave him alone for more than 5 minutes. So today we just stayed home. Hopefully next Sunday we can at least go to Sunday School.

As in the past years I make up a variety of sweets for the holidays. Certainly nice to be able to pull them out of the deep freeze at a moments notice. This morning I decided it would be a good day to make some of the goodies... so during the course of the morning I fixed a double recipe of Ginger Crinkles Cookies, a big batch of brown sugared pecans and some peanut clusters (as requested by Leon).

Our dining room table Christmas decoration has stayed pretty much the same for several years now. Some years it has tall tapers in it..then other times just one candle....this year I added the glass container for the candle. This center piece is all arranged on one large metal tray. We use our dining room table with each meal so I want something that is easy to move - with no re-arranging again.100_2417 The table runner is one I used last year ~ liked it then ~ like it now.

Today's thankful note: plenty of hot water - used a lot of it while in the kitchen today - in fact ran two loads in the dish washer - and then had several large items that I did by hand.



Marilyn said...

Sounds so good. I bet Leon and Mike are both peanut cluster lovers. Yes, hot water is definitely something to be thankful for. Your centerpiece is so pretty. Love the gold. It goes well with the mantle bows. The runner is so pretty too. Everything is looking festive. Hopefully it won't be long until you both can get to church.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a good day to me!

Hazel said...

Your centerpiece is lovely ,I hope your hubby feels better soon ,knee surgery usually takes about 6 weeks to recover from .It's funny how we take these things for granted hot water , electricity , heat etc , what would we do with out them ,we are truly blessed .

Jen said...

Cold here too!--no cookie baking but I did make a big pit of chicken noodle soup to warm our bones.
Your decorations look wonderful!

Stacey said...

Two dishwasher loads in one day sounds like a weekend at my house! Your treats will be wonderful when you sneak them out. :)

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Good Morning, Amelia! Sounds like some tasty goodies you made!

Hope that Leon is improving quickly with his knee!

Oh, and you asked about my cricut machine. My MIL gave me one for Christmas last year, and I have really enjoyed it! I just found out that you can buy transfer sheets to go over the letters (made from vinyl adhesive sheets) after you cut them, before you take them off the cutting sheet, that will "keep them together", so that you could make those quotes to go on your wall. Does that make sense? LOL! I have really enjoyed mine, and the kids keep me busy with school projects, making letters! :)

~hugs, Rhonda

Darlene said...

Hi Amelia,

Hope your hubby is healing up nicely. It was definitely a great day to make some goodies and they sound delicious!

LOVE your dining room table decoration. It is beautiful!

Oh, and hot water is a definite blessing.♥ Stay warm!!!