Tuesday, October 06, 2009

More Frames

A post or so back I mentioned how picture frames have become my latest "go to" item for fun different "cheap" decorating. With pictures frames not costing much at the thrift store or yard sales I feel like I can do something and not spend mega bucks.

Let me show something I just did today and something I did several weeks ago. Back during July or August I got this idea to redo the computer room (yes even before the recent paint job). I wanted to get rid of the office stuff - or at least hide it. Sorry folks, the old gray 4 drawer file cabinet has to stay...don't want to put it in the garage..it is too handy here. Oh well, that is a project for another day, another time, another year.

I started with this (in addition to several different size frames all painted my favorite shade of black). 100_2145 I bought this old dictionary at the thrift store for a dollar or so...wanted to use the pages as background for my new project.

100_2154 I taped the dictionary pages to 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper - typed up the words and printed them. I used the layout on the wall to where I could add words as time goes on - if I should want. Just added the wooden "W" a few days ago as Wal-Mart was out of them.
On the wall by the computer table is this arrangement. Just created and added the "Boo" sign today. The wall hangings are metal and have hung in several different places in the house in the last year or so. 

100_2158 I wanted a friendly looking cat - so chose this one.

In addition to the black and white I used red in several spots.

After Halloween I am going to see if I can locate some old keys and put them in the frame where Boo is now. But I never see them at the thrift store or yard sales...may have to check out ebay...or better yet I may just print some on a dictionary page...no just kidding on that.

There you have it...another use for the picture frames.



Marilyn said...

They look great. I love the word background on the BOO. Love the arrangement of the words in frames. What a great idea.

Stacey said...

I really like the Words to Live By.

It's nice to see a picture of you. :) It's so good to connect a face with the name.

Hazel said...

You have such a flair with decorating everything looks great . I especially like the Boo one with the news print behind it .The keys will look great on it.

Amanda said...

Hello Amelia, thank you for your email, and I'll reply properly soon, but I just wanted to comment on your wonderful ideas for your computer room, they look terrific.

Michelle said...

Everything looks great! Love it! Thanks for sharing, and be blessed!

Norma said...

What a great idea to use the pages from the book for the backgrounds! You need to go into business! Everything looks so nice at your house.

Valerie said...

Wow, I really need you to come and help me. I am in the middle of a redo! This looks great!

Darlene said...

I think it all looks so FABULOUS!!! Love that sweet kitty on the BOO. Hope you are having a great day.♥

Jen said...

This is most excellent!!! That was a lot of work too.
You should sumbit your ideas to HGTV.

Christina said...

I love your new picture vignette. The dictionary pages as background is genius. I would love to find an old dictionary. There is a booksale coming up in October. Maybe I'll find something there.

Of course I love the Boo picture too.

You asked if my Roman numerals had any meaning. I had wanted them too. I asked my hubby what his fav. number was, but it just didn't work. I wanted some each of I's, V's, and X's, and that is the number hubby came up with. :)

I want to use our house number or anniversary date on something, but it all takes time.