Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spring - Easter 2009

Did not do much decorating for Spring/Easter this year. But then I never do. Here is hoping that I can find some good items after the season/holiday that I can use next year. Do want to show you the things that are out for us (me) to enjoy. Leon does not care one way or the know he is like most men. If it makes me happy he is all for it!

This was made many years ago and has hung on several doors in the house...but this year it was placed on front door for a welcoming scene.
These tulips are on the hall table as you enter the front.

These red tulips seem to add a touch of spring and I like the contrast with the blue. They are located on the side table in the dining room.

Next stop is the kitchen. Do you think tulips are my favorite spring flower? Yes, they are...real ones or the imitation kind. If you look real close, the glass piggy bank was one I had as a child...why in the kitchen...just been there for years - so it stays. The container for the flowers is wooden...the thing on the front is really the top for it. When I put the flowers in it I used some poster putty to put the lid on the front for decoration (plus not lose it in the mean time).
The bunny rabbit is new this year. Found him at Big Lots several weeks ago. The egg in the wire basket has been around the house - from one room to the other for years. It is real heavy - marble like - is what it is made of. The other item is fairly new - heart shaped - but matches in color. These are on the coffee table.
At the other end of the coffee table are these two dove - $1.00 each from The Dollar Tree - and purchased back in January. The tiny whimsical bunny sitting next to the birds has been in first one place and another this year. He is so cute!

Happy Easter to all of you! My request is that you attend the church of your choice and remember that our Lord is alive!


Belvie said...

Spring has arrived in a beautiful way at your house! All those decorations are lovely, but my favorite is the red tulips with those beautiful blue glass pieces.

Bo said...

Hi Amelia...that door decoration is adorable...and there is nothing more beautiful in the spring than tulips! My wish too, is that families will honor our Lord on this Easter Sunday...and everyday in their daily lives! ;-) Bo

Sue said...

I love your expressions of spring! So uplifting. Believe me I need to be uplifted right now! I love the hat on the door. Thanks.

Kristie said...

Everything is so beautiful! You are certainly ready for Spring!

I hope you have a Blessed Easter!

How is Leon doing?

tardevil said...

Tulips are my favorite flower also! Like your new bunny! Have a great Easter! (p.s. My husband could care less if I decorate too! :O) got to be a man thing!)

Hazel said...

I love all of your accessories speaking of tulips the ones I have outside came up about 4 inches then we had a snow storm ,sure hope they survive .
I for one will be in church this Sunday praising our lord ,bless you.

Amanda said...

I always enjoy seeing your seasonal decorations. In the past I've always just decorated our dining table for Easter morning. This year I doubt that even that will happen, as I have no idea where the decorations are!

Jen said...

You did a great job of decorating! Love the hat on the door. I have not one thing out! :(
Since I was gone last week and gone this one too, I've run out of time. My son won't be home for Easter, so I didn't make it a priority.
Easter Blessings to you and your family! My hope is someone attends church this weekend and accepts the Lord as their Savior.