Friday, April 10, 2009

Ain't Like They Used To Be!

For the past three or four years I have purchased the henley type shirts to wear with jeans. All purchases have been from a local store and always purchased the same brand.

Several weeks ago I found several on sale (winter colors and long sleeved) so bought them. I was so excited to have some different colors in my wardrobe.

I thought from the very beginning they did not seem right when I put them on. They seemed to stretch and not retain their the time I took them off the lower hem was so stretched out they were terrible looking.

This morning when hanging them up in the closet after their round in the washer and dryer(which is not working properly - another post on that problem) I see these tops have shrunk at least two inches in length in comparison to my old ones. The old ones have certainly been thru more cycles of washing and drying than these just bought several weeks ago.

Yes, in checking the fabric content they are the same as the old ones...just made in a different foreign country.

I hate shopping for clothes any way - and then when this happens just adds to the frustration.

So I suppose I will wear my old ones - until they wear out! (Don't say it - I may outgrow them first).

Happy Easter - and may your Easter outfit fit you lovely and you feel like a million dollar when wearing it.

~ Amelia ~


Michelle said...

Shopping for clothes is torture for me. I am short. I am fat, my waist is big like a man's, my butt is not in proportion to my waist, so I wear men's jeans, which fit me better. As for the top, I am short, I am fat, my *Uh hums are more than plentiful, and sizes in clothing mean absolutely nothing. I can buy the same size in 4 different companies and vary from very roomy to 'Oh my gosh...I can't even get this over my head because the sleeves have stopped all movement above my head.

I totally understand your dilemma. I hope you don't let it get you down. (clothes shopping actually puts me into a depression, so I just wear the same things over and over until I don't have a choice but to throw them out...ok, my secret is out!).

I hope your washer and dryer problem is solved quickly.

Have a wonderful day.
Be blessed,

Amanda said...

Oh, how frustrating. I often think I sound my like my mother when I complain that things aren't as well made as they used to be, but it's absolutely true. I hate shopping for clothes too, but I know I need to something about my wardrobe this summer. It's been okay whilst I've been poorly, I haven't been getting out much so jeans and a jumper have been fine. But now I need to think again I fear.

Norma said...

I think clothing manufactures have completely forgotten anyone over forty. Either the tops are so full and long that they look like maternity wear or they are so short that you don't dare move or you show your mid section to the entire world. After forty, you need to keep that covered at all costs!

The fabic is awful. They seem to be trying to keep the prices down but by using low grade fabric, what is the savings? I am in dire need of some tops because I didn't buy much last year but hate to even go look.

Jen said...

There is so much junk out there. I think the folks that make things have made this a disposable society. That is strange after one washing that happened. I would almost be tempted to return them if that happened to me.

Belvie said...

Oh, Amelia....I know exactly what you are talking about. Doesn't anyone think about us "mature ladies" who would actually like to cover our bodies. If it isn't revealing....then it looks like maternity wear...just as Norma said! I got so frustrated...that I'm actually going to try sewing some seersucker shirts for myself once again. Now...that's gonna bite into quilting time!!!!

Hazel said...

Oh are we all on the same page here I have long legs , so I hate to try on pants they just fit ,after the first washing they shrink .
The stores just make me so angry do they not understand at my age I don't want to wear tight fitting tops ,my belly sticks out enough I don't need draw more attention to it .
Ok I feel better now LOL