Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Early Gardening Duties

This afternoon was a wonderful time for being outside and doing yard work.

After our naps my sweet husband hooked the trailer to the golf cart. I began cutting all the old stems from the summer phlox bed - then one area led to another. We did not get all trimmed back that needs it - but we made a good start.

The temperature was in the low 70's with just a gentle breeze - so was real enjoyable doing the work.

Great to see bits of green lillies poking above the ground. My rose bushes are starting to get a heavy growth of leaves - they are purple at this time - but will green out soon. Also noticed the summer phlox and chrysanthemums are greening out.

As for vegetable garden we have not planted anything yet. Last year we planted our onions in February - got a freeze that nipped them pretty good. So we decided to wait until about March 10th to put them out. I bought 6 bunches a week ago. May buy some more as I don't think that will be enough.

Last week Leon created a new flower garden. It was an area that was too small to cut with the lawn mower - so had to use the weed eater. Last fall he asked me if I wanted him to dig out all the weeds and grass for a flower bed...told him I would think on it...so decided it would be a good idea. He dug it down deep enough to hopefully get rid of all the bermuda grass roots.

Have not fully decided what to plant there just yet...may just go with hosta plants...it is on the east side and gets lots of shade. I want something that does not take lots of care...getting too old for lots of getting down on my knees and dead heading, etc.

I looked at all the large empty flower pots while out this afternoon. I think I will am going to only use about half of them this year. I want my flowers to be fun and enjoyable - and not lots of work.

My plants that are in the well house for the winter are fairing so so. As to be expected some died, some made it fine...others are still iffy. One is blooming...would tell you the name of it if I knew it...but don't know it. I did know at one time...but it is a strange name and not easy to pronounce. Maybe some time I will take a picture of it and let you tell me.

I know we are still in the winter season - could have and probably will have quite a few more nights when the temp goes below freezing. I am ready for spring (and ready to be fishing too).

If you are like me, you like digging in the dirt from time to time..not good for a manicure but sure good for the mind...thank you Lord for providing this home and yard for this enjoyment.


Suzan said...

It sounds like a perfect day!

Norma said...

We dug in the dirt this weekend and loved every minute of it. The trees are trimmed and the rose bushes cut back. Citrus trees are full of blooms..........and the temps are in the mid 80's. We are crossing our fingers that there is not that last blast of winter too.

Looking forward to pictures of your wonderful flowers soon!

Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda said...

Amelia, Now this sounds like one fine way to spend a day! I am itching to get out and start trimming and cleaning out beds, but it is still really cold here. {and the wind is terrible} I watch the news every day counting on a small "heat wave!" LOL! One thing is for sure, it IS coming soon! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

Finn said...

Wish I could be there in that nice warm breeze digging in the dirt with you. Sending hugs, Finn

Hazel said...

Well I would have to shovel the snow before I could dig in the dirt so I won't be doing that for a few more months. Your day sounds fantastic , can't wait to see your spring and summer photo's of your yard .

Michelle said...

I envy your nice warm day. We got up to about 45* and were thrilled for February.

I don't share your love of digging in the dirt, but I do love looking at beautiful flowers. I can't wait to see your labor of love.

Belvie said...

So glad you are having nice weather after all that ice you had to endure. Weatherman says your warm weather is headed our way today....then back to the freezer for us with the "s" word a possibility for the weekend. I'm ready for spring weather, spring cleaning, spring fever, etc.

Jen said...

Good that you took advantage of the good weather to get out . It'll be a few weeks before we can do that around here. I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your yard work come bloom time. ;)

Shanda said...

Sounds like you had an enjoyable day in the dirt also.

I am not sure what I'll put back, but I'll have lots of fun deciding and considering. It faces the east, so lots of evening shade from the house. thinking maybe Hydranges for sure and probably this time aroound, more flowers instead of shrub. I had tried to to a 2 layer all season shrub border and it was just too much for the space and I have had more Barberry splinters than I care to remember and I was wanting to do this last year, but was unsure of my time to replant it back since I still had the hair salon business back then. I decided to wait until late winter. They dug out rather easily, I have always heaveily mulched this bed and it paid off. I will have a ball at the green house picking out new planrs and moving some I have around.

Bo said...

Hi Amelia...my hubby planted onion sets about 2 weeks ago...keeping fingers crossed they don't get burned by a late freeze.. ;-) Bo

Christina said...

I haven't been out in the dirt yet this year and we are looking for a messy weather weekend, but that time will come soon. I love playing in the dirt.

Also, your granddaughter is just beautiful. I know you must be proud. They picked a wonderful name too. ; )

RootsAndWingsCo said...

Most of the year I am jealous of what people who live in other parts of the country can do with their gardens. This is one of the times of the year where I am thankful to live in the desert! I have tomatoes plants that are producing tomatoes right now! I also have cilantro, carrots, and green onions all growing too. I should have gotten the rest of my garden in by now, but had other things on my priority list this year! Isn't gardening refreshing? Thanks for making me thankful of the heat that I live in! =)