Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Christmas Decorating - # 1

Friday was the day we moved all the Christmas decorating boxes from storage to the garage. Did some of the decorating that day. Saturday was the day for doing most of the rest. A little bit on Sunday, some more on Monday and even more this morning. Yes, I have been busy and was tired at the end of the day - but I enjoyed it too.

Because of the number of decorations reflecting this time of the year I will break the pictures down to several days. Don't want you to get bored with this.

First, to me decorating is a personal thing. For me - my very favorite Christmas colors are red, green and gold....some white. It is not that I don't like the other colors used by other individuals but they are not me. My "designs" won't win any awards -but I do them for me and my family anyway...not the public. Some of my components are new, some old ones...many are garage sale and Goodwill finds. So with that being said (or in this case written) I will start the 2008 tour. Also, they are not in any particular order...just the way the pictures came up once I down loaded them. This holly berry topiary sits on the right side of the hearth. This picture does not seem to show many of the red berries.
Remember this yard sale purchase - for fall it worked wonderful with colorful leaves and small pumpkins. It looks equally as well with the greenery and pine cones. It is masculine looking - which it needs to be as it it right by Leon's chair. It is on the left side of the hearth.

This picture is not very clear. The flash kept reflecting in the gold balls in the wrought iron container and with the flash off (like this) the picture is rather dark. This container reminds me of a real large soup tureen made out of wrought iron...the top comes off. Oh yes, a yard sale purchase.
This is on the back door going to the patio. You can't see the container - but it is a wrought iron wall pot...got it from daughter as she was tired of it. I believe it came from a Southern Living party.

This centerpiece on the dining room table is several years old. The greenery, flowers, candle, etc are all positioned on a large metal tray....so when we sit down to eat I can move it very easy and not mess it up. The tapestry table runner is new this year.

The color is off in this picture ..the light fixture is brownish - not gold. The glass globes are ivory - not yellow. But the snow flakes are white, the greenery is green and the bows are gold. This is the chandelier above the dining room table.

More of the tour in the next few days - so come back.


Suzan said...

Everything looks so pretty. Please come over to my house and help me get my stuff out :)
That darn cat of mine is absolutely no help!!

Amanda said...

Everything looks so Christmassy already, you have worked so hard. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your decorations. Ours won't go up for a few more weeks yet as we never decorate until the weekend before Christmas. .

Michelle said...

I DO remember when you got the stand. It looks wonderful, and so does all of your decorating!

Bethany said...

Your Christmas decorations are so beautiful! Can you come do my house?

Thanks for sharing. I love seeing Christmas decorations that other people do. They inspire and lift me up.

Kristie said...

I have been waiting for your Christmas decoration photos!!! Everything looks so lovely! I haven't even started yet! I hope to get our tree up this weekend! I can't wait to see more!

Picket said...

hey girl...you got it looking good up in here! I love all the Christmas decorations and that tall thing on the fireplace with the greenery & pinecones was beautiful..I need something like that! Can't wait to see more of your eye candy! Thanks for coming by sweetie..hope you have a great week!

Carol said...

Okay, you've shamed me into bringing the first box from the greenhouse storage. Since my husband just left for 2 weeks in South Korea today, I have no excuse not to have everything decorated when he gets home -- I know that is what he is hoping for.

Halcyon said...

Your decorations look great! We put up our tree after Thanksgiving and I think it looks really nice.

Sheri said...

Love your decorations!

tardevil said...

I love red & green too...it just says Christmas. Your decorations are so pretty...can't wait to see more. I'm tagging you today, so come by my blog & "pick it up" when you get a minute...I know it's a busy time.

bj said...

mornin', amelia...your christmas photos are beautiful. especially am loving your chandy all decorated. i am looking for some lacy greenery to put on mine but haven't found what i am really wanting.
thanks for sharing your christmas home with us.

Picket said...

shhhhh....they don't know they have been put into production! lol lol They'll skin my hide! lol lol

julieQ said...

So pretty! Everything looks so nice, especailly your arrangement with the Christmas table runner. I still have to decorate!!