Friday, August 15, 2008

Please, don't tell the Preacher

Readers, I need this to be our own secret.

Keep in mind who I am - a little old Granny - well, maybe not so little - but old and you know I am a Granny - several times.

Here I am - in my own piece of the world - just a kindly Christian lady - (Baptist, I thank you),
minding my own, staying out of the way, pretending everything is great in my flower gardens. Oh yes, they are looking much better after the rains during the past several days.

What did I discover - my face is blushing now. Now promise me - you will not under any circumstances call the deacons or Brother Clint.

Out there in the Peach tree flower garden (or is it the Garden of Eden) - this is what I found:

"Two Naked Ladies"

Just kidding - I did not know I had these plants. I did know for the past several years in this location a plant would come up with such pretty leaves...stay lush looking for quite a while and then die. I didn't bother it as the leaves were attractive.

I do not remember planting the bulb for this...but a dear friend of mine gave me a variety of bulbs several years ago and I planted them in various places. Probably the name on the package was something other than Naked I am sure I would have remembered. I have admired them in other yards for several years now.

Also the strange thing about these plants...just a couple or so days ago I saw these plants coming out of the ground. I thought they looked similar to the buds of an amaryllis plant - well come to find out the "Ladies" are of that family. Boy, do they grow fast - when I first spotted them which was 2 or 3 days ago they were about 3 inches tall -today they are a good 18 inches in heighth.

Perhaps, on second thought you can let the preacher in our little secret.


Kristie said...

Oh Amelia, you are too funny!!!! I was reading this thinking "Wow, this has to be good!"

The flowers are so pretty, My mom has some of those and I just love them.

Amanda said...

These are such weird plants - I don't think they grow in the UK, or at least I've never seen them.

Gina said...

They are gorgeous.

Love an dhugs Gina xxx

bakinbabe said...

How funny!!!!
I was just talking to my mom yesterday about these flowers. They seem to be very hearty...we lived in my grandma's house in OKC years after she passed away and these flowers would come up every year. I had never seen them before. I love them!!

Picket said...

Oh girl..I thought you was gonna tell us some deep dark secret...something like you been sippin' on papa's "recipe' or something like that! lol lol I have never seen a flower like that...down here we have what I call spider lilies..that come up just like that with no leaves and they seem to shoot up overnight and they will be lined up in a row in the grass and then they will be gone and you will never have known they were there! lol Hope you have a great day girl!

Halcyon said...

Hee! I love your story. And the flowers are very pretty, naked or not!

Belvie said...

Now that's the kind of "Naked Ladies" I would allow in my yard! Beautiful flowers.

Janera said...

So pretty! I've had these before, I think. They're a kind of lilly, aren't they?

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, boy! I would actually love this kind of "naked lady" in my back yard, also!! tee hee

They are beautiful! what a find...

Kathi said...

Hello Amelia, I hopped over from Rhonda's blog. I'm Kathi and glad to meet you. This was such a cute post. Have a great day. Kathi