Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Whirlpool Dryer Problem

Purchased this dryer on the 2nd of May of this year...yes, a few days before the Whirlpool washer started giving me fits.

I was drying the last load today when the timer quit...glad it went out then instead of at the beginning of doing my laundry. Wednesday is the day where I do all the laundry...on a couple of other days I do a load or so...but nothing major.

Since it was under warranty I called Whirlpool. The guy on the phone was nice - but said I would be getting service from a company about 40 miles or so away from us. I asked why he couldn't use the guy who lives about 12 miles from me...he mumbled some jargon about he could only do what his computer allowed him to do. He proceeded to tell me if I wanted to contact the local repair person to just go right ahead and do it. So, that is exactly what I did! This coming Monday is the soonest he could get out here. Waiting that long is not too bad - I can handle that.

I suppose the moral of all this ranting is Whirlpool products just are not what they should be - in spite of the price for them.

Side Note: had to have a plumber out this morning to take care of extremely slow draining in both bathrooms. That little problem took three phone calls before I finally was able to speak to a live person. When this guy first went into business he would come out at all hours - during the week or on weekends. Now that he is well established all that "good service" is not what it used to be. I will pay higher price to have the toilets work on the weekend.

On the brighter side...I am truly blessed in many ways - one I have the money to pay for these appliances and service calls. I can recall back in my single parenting days where there would not have been the money to pay for these things without doing a lot of juggling of the finances.


Norma said...

We just had the repairman here for our WHIRLPOOL fridge! The icemaker quit and he had to replace the unit. The last fridge we had was a real lemon so when we bought this one, we bought a service contract. Today, we were sure glad that we did!

Hang in there. I am with you on being thankful that you can have things repaired. I keep telling myself that a ice maker is a big extra that I lived without for YEARS.

Belvie said...

Oh no...the dryer now! Geez! I'm sure going to remember your woes with Whirlpool when I have to buy my next appliance. I have a Whirlpool frig, washer, and microwave. Knock far so good. Mine are all older though.

With times as they are...I too am thankful that we have a fairly comfortable life right now. If things keep on as they are and taxes keep going up, I'm not so sure what the future holds for any of us.

Granny Lyn said...

You have the worse luck with the laundry, huh? you poor thing,

I have had my Whirlpool washer and dryer for about 13 years with out a problen, it used to be that Whirlpool was the best for not having to repair. I asked a repairman once and that is why I bought the ones I have,,,now are they going the same way that GE went in the 80's? you could not pay me to buy a GE back then!

it is all a gamble now tho, good luck!

Finn said...

Hi Amelia, you know, I think one of the blessing of age is recognizing the blessing of the moment.
How many young people wouldn't see the gained wisdom between paying the repairman or not paying him but using his service anyway.
So glad you could do the 'smart' think and use someone more local.
Hugs, Finn P.S. Good for you for putting the music back! It's YOUR blog after all!
And I LOVE the sidewalk art!!! Very much one of a kind