Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cherry Limeade Quilt

Believe it or not I am still quilting...I know I have not posted anything "quilty" in some time but that does not mean I have given up that hobby.

In the summer time I spend more time outside with the yard/flower work than I do in the sewing room. I try to do some hand quilting practically every night - but with it not getting dark until 8:30 (give or take) seems like we don't come in the house until later in the evening.

I did finish the hand quilting on this quilt several weeks ago. Remember when I started it I said it reminded me of a cherry limeade and it still does.

Hum, wish I had one to drink right now...just finished helping DH unload a 16 foot trailer full of lumber, paneling, Sheetrock and carpet he has been tearing out at the church. There is not a bit of wind stirring and I got to sweating like crazy. What is the old saying:
Horses sweat
Men perspire
and women get warm....

Well, guess I was a horse as I was dripping wet when we finished.

Back to the quilting subject...this picture shows the colors a bit better.

I am now quilting on the Grandmother's fan quilt I pieced back several weeks ago. It takes a hour to do one block...and with 110 blocks I will be working on it for some time.

Thought for the day according to the Kristie calendar:

"You're never too old to see who can spit a watermelon seed the farthest."


Kristie said...

I love that quilt! The colors are so pretty! I think it is great that you handquilt your quilts! I usually try to have one that I am handquilting going at all times. I can't wait to see the fan quilt.

Take it easy and stay out of the heat.

Norma said...

It is lovely. Those colors go together so well.

I figured you were "outside". Now here in AZ. we are "inside" as close to the AC as we can get.

As for the horse thing.........that is me, my mane is always wet! At 113 degrees, think we are all horses.

Amanda said...

That's a pretty quilt - I would never have thought of putting those colours together, but they work so well.

Belvie said...

Your quilt is lovely...and Cherry Limeade is the perfect name! Sounds like you needed a cherry limeade with lots of crushed ice after all the work you and DH did.

It is nice to see someone else doing handquilting. Not many do anymore. I do...and I don't finish many quilts because of it, but I would rather enjoy the process and take my time than just get it finished. I don't quilt to get a lot done, I quilt because I enjoy the process. Well, maybe everything except basting the layers together! :-) It is nice that there is machine quilting for those who enjoy that, but I'm a handquilter.

Janera said...

Amelia, that is a beautiful quilt! Quilting is such an art form; I am so glad there are still ladies who are keeping the tradition alive. My grandma was a quilter. One day I'll post pics of some of her quilts that I now have. You'll have to come and visit and enjoy them with me.


Bethany said...

Very pretty. Love the colors!

Janet said...

Wonderful quilt - fresh, cool and springlike - you must be very proud of it!

julieQ said...

Wonderful quilt! I so enjoy your hand-quilting. This quilt is just the thing for summer.