Monday, June 16, 2008

Back once more

I have decided to add the music back to my posting.

I feel these postings reflect each individual's I will be selecting music that I like...some will be old songs, some will be religous songs and others will be what ever strikes me at the time.


Norma said...

Way to go!!! These blogs are about who we are, and if music is part of you, should be part of your blog. I enjoyed your music and missed it! If it bothers anyone, they have the choice of not listening, right?

Picket said...

Hello friend..hope you are having a great day...blogging is a personal thing and speakers have an on and off button! lol You do what makes you happy!

bakinbabe said...

Miss Amelia, do you know how hard it is to keep my eyes on the road when I pass your house??? LOL, I want to know what kind of flowers those tall purple ones are? I know you have at least two groups of them, on group is on the south side of your yard. I LOVE those!

And about the music, if I don't feel like listening to music, I turn my sound off. I like hearing what different people like, though.

Hazel said...

Good for you ,I to missed your music .We can't please everyone ,if you like the music ( and I do ) its a real treat to hear it on your blog .

Kristie said...

Love the music!!! So glad that you added it back on!

bj said...

I'm glad to hear music on your blog...and did you know that I live in the town where Buddy Holly got his start?

Janera said...

That's great, Amelia. I miss my music, but I couldn't make it work correctly. It was always sticking. Bummer.

Anyway, Girl, I do love Elvis!

Colleen said...

Your music gets a head-bop and clapping hands from my dancing toddler- he ran (toddled) across the room when it started playing on the blog to dance next to the computer.