Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Time in the Garden and Other Things...

My little garden gnome (gift from daughter Holly at Christmas in 2006) is calling me to come out and work in my flower bed. Certainly wish I could give him an answer of "yes"...however, it rained this morning and everything is so wet. Perhaps, if the sun comes out this afternoon I can do a bit. We do need to make a trip to town and get several bags of mulch to put down. Probably need to get a large bag of potting soil too.
The hostas are coming up quite nicely. Do need to purchase a couple more to put in one of the beds that I changed out last year. It had iris'es in it - but they did not get enough sun. Put them along the fence line and planted one hosta there...but looking at it now...it really needs a couple more to give it a better look.
This past week has been busy - mostly with church and church related things. Of course, services on Sunday and Wednesday. Leon has visitation meetings on Monday nights and this past Saturday there was a meeting of the men to make plans on some up coming projects. There were two funerals so I was helping with the dinners for the bereaved families. Also checked out things in the library - everything was in order there - so that did not need any of my time.
I have been doing some sewing on the scrappy quilt I have titled "Cabins in the Pines". I have all the blocks together now - just need to add the border. At this point I think I will add three borders. They will be small ones - but I think having them will add to the quilt. I will try to post a picture when it all comes together.


vtquilter said...

You've been busy. Can't wait to see the pictures of the quilt, it sounds really nice.

Finn said...

finHi Amelia, just popping in for a quick visit..I do wish it were almost garden time up here. Not that I have much more than window boxes and pots, but it's better than nothing *VBS*
Love the "One Year of Retirement" post you wrote, what a blessing to have your lives fit together so very well, and march to the same drummer. Blessed indeed...I do hope and pray there are many, many, many more years with good health to enjoy together *VBS*
Your new little houses are looking quite fine...you are one fine carpenter I think! Who knew?? *VBS*
Keep up the good work. Hugs, Finn

Kristie said...

Mom and I have been talking alot about our flowers the past few days. Right now I only have one big flower bed, it took 16 bags of mulch to cover it. I plan on doing more but I have to wait until after we get the house finished because we are going to have some dozer work done to smooth the yard out so I don't really want to have to move anything.

I can't wait to see your new quilt!!! Sounds very cute!

Gina said...

No wonder you don't get time in the garden.
I've started in mine this year. Not much just seed sowing and bulb planting, and of course the first weeding of the year.

love and hugs xxx