Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thrift Store Shopping

Yesterday my sweet honey and I drove to Norman to do some shopping. We went to some regular stores - like Bed, Bath and Beyond , Wal-Mart, Ross, and Sam's. Also stopped in three thrift stores. One was priced way too high for thrift store items, one did not carry anything but clothes...but the last one (Goodwill) had prices more to my liking and items I was interested in too.

Only bought one thing though. It was in a large plastic bag and marked only $l.00...yes, one dollar. The bag contained 16 cloth napkins and 16 napkin rings. The napkins are luncheon size (12 x 12). If you look close, they are wrinkled - I will wash and iron them when the time comes to use them. I like my bargain!

What is your latest smart purchase?


Hazel said...

Great bargin ,last week I went to a thrift store got 4 yards of batting (with the silver on one side for pot holder etc,) 3.00 for all 4 yards .Of course I had to go check our fabric store 10.95 a yard ,just made my day .

Norma said...

Oh, wow! They will be so great to use around the holidays. Don't you wonder sometimes how they price things? Some stuff seems way too much and other stuff, way too little? Not complaining now.....LOL

My last bargain was at Goodwill. I got a bag of Lego blocks for my grandson for $4.99 and a movie for the kids for $1. I got about a yard of red fabric for 99 cents and I had a great time too.

Michelle said...

I have thrift store shopping in my blood, in fact my blog title is Thrift Store Junkie. Most of the fabric I use to make quilts with come from Goodwill. I always check the rack that has sheets, curtains, valances, etc, and sometimes, there will be fabric yardages snuck in there hanging on a hanger. I love thrift store shoppping, because you go in the store never knowing what you are going to find, and you have such fun when you find something that just 'tickles' you. I am also hopeless when I see a sewing machine. I am getting much better, but it used to be, every one I saw had to come home with me.

If I had bought those napkins, I would have folded each one like a fat quarter and filed it with my collection for a scrappy quilt, or a small project. I turn about anything fabric into a quilt....even clothing.

Good job! I bet you had a lot of fun!